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Tue, 23 Dec 2003

WOW! A Blog of my very own! Thank you, Santa!

Two days until Christmas, and as usual, I haven't got my shopping done. In the Empire tech room the guys aren't seeing visions of surgar plums, but are wrestling with the latest wave of adware/spyware that seems to be pandemic. Dan and Wayne recommend two pieces of software to help customers restore their computers to working condition. Ad-aware and Spybot seem to do a decent job when used together, provided of course that they're kept up to date. I hope to have Dan add to this blog to give a little more information about just what all this adware/spyware is, and where you can find the above mentioned software to help remedy it. If, of course you find you are unable to get all the bugs out, feel free to drop your computer by the Empire tech room and Dan and Wayne will be happy to work their magic and fix your computer up good as new!

Well, I need to go plan my last minute Christmas shopping. Hope this holiday season finds all of you well and happy.

Happy Holidays from the Empire Industries crew!

And... most importantly,a round of applause and special thanks to Derek for this absolutely MARVELLOUS new web site!

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