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Mon, 05 Jul 2004

The sparks coming from 125 Ashman...

... were not part of the Midland 4th of July celebration. They were coming out of my ears as we wrestled with one more Windows XP implosion. For what it's worth, and for your sanity, do NOT buy a computer with 128M of RAM running Windows XP. Windows XP doesn't run in any meaningful way in 128M of RAM. AND, perhaps even more importantly, do NOT attempt to put a computer running Windows XP that hasn't had SP1 applied online. Windows XP cannot operate online in any meaningful way for longer than about five minutes without SP1 (service pack 1) installed.

Should you find yourself in one, or both of these situations, do not despair! Empire Industries has memory ready to install for just about any computer. We can also load SP1 and any other patches your Windows computer may need. (Ok, that was a shameless advertisement, but I need my sanity as much as the next guy!)

Don't forget to update your virus definitions and check for updates for Adaware and Spybot.

Checkout our 4th of July Special, and have a great Summer!

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