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Sun, 27 Feb 2005

No, I didn't go on a world cruise!

I've been right here doing what I usually do. I'm still fighting the good fight. My side wins in the end, TRUST ME! I felt the need to reiterate a couple of points to you. First, there will be NO magic bullet to deliver you from the curse Microsoft has put on you as long as you continue to live under their roof and eat their food. We've already discussed the Open Source options available to you to get yourself out from under the Microsoft *spell*. More and more of you are availing yourself of that option. Others are still not quite willing to make what seems to be a very large leap off a very high cliff, but given enough time and torment, you will be... Meanwhile, I'm willing to do what I can to help you out but this brings us to my second point.

The tools I can provide to help you keep your computer running do NOT run themselves, nor do they update themselves (unless you set them to do so, which I do not recommend). You MUST be willing to participate in care and feeding of your computer. This means keeping the definitions for Adaware, Spybot, and Anti-vir updated. These programs will all tell you when your definitions are out of date and will offer to "update them now?" The answer to this query is YES! After updating the definitions the programs need to be run. I don't think once a week is too often. If you notice something odd inbetween times, run them again, it won't hurt anything.

You *can* automate the running of these programs in a couple of different ways. I'm not going to go into how you can do this here, because *A*, it is a bit too involved for this blog, and *B*, I don't think it's a particularly good idea. The reason why I don't like the idea is simply because alot of malicious programs immediately disable your anti-adware/spyware/virus protection. If you're *assuming* these programs are running themselves, you might not notice they're gone, or disabled. Next thing you know you're in DEEP trouble and you have to call me again... and as much as I love you all, you KNOW you don't *want* to have to call me again!

To those of you who have reached or exceeded your tolerance for pain with all the pop-ups, slow downs, and browser hijackings, we can help. If the fact that your brand new P4 3.4G machine is now running like the 386 you threw out ten years ago bothers you, there's a solution! I invite you to give us a call and ask about Linux, or to drop by and take a tour on one of our Linux demo machines.

That's it for now. Hope for warm weather, check out our *Spring* specials, and run that virus scanner NOW!

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