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Mon, 15 May 2006

Once again. . .

I apologize for my absence. Not all that much has changed in the past few months. Anti-vir did update their software to a new version, but any of you who use it regularly would have gotten the new version automatically while updating your virus definitions. If you haven't updated your virus definitions lately . . . SHAME ON YOU! I haven't, however, heard from some of you for quite a while, so either you're doing what you were told to do and it's working, or . . . your system is all messed up again and you've just got a high tolerance for pain.

I'd like you to remind you to make sure all your Windows updates are current, and that you have *one* functioning firewall. Don't forget that more isn't better when it comes to firewalls, virus scanners, and malware software. A few, properly functioning, programs will do the job. Too many programs running background jobs will bring your computer to a screaming halt. POOF, the solution has become worse than the problem!

If your system is running slow but you have no evidence of malware or viruses, it's possible that you have other configuration issues. It's also possible that your computer could use a bit more memory. We can take care of either one of those problems for you. Feel free to call.

I'll try to check in with you more frequently here on the blog. Have a great summer in the sun, but don't neglect the care and feeding of your computer!

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